Are shipping containers ventilated?

They are available with and without ventilation. If you have a preference please request it when you order.

Can shipping containers be transported easily?

Yes. We have specialists in container delivery and transport who can access semi-restricted areas. Please call us if you are concerned about access.

How much room should I have to fit a shipping container?

See our Measurements page for exact dimensions of your chosen container. Generally you will need about 2.5 metres width and 4.3 metres of overhead clearance, length will be dependent on the container length. For a 20ft container to be dropped off by a tilt tray truck, 16m clearance is required in front of where the container is to be placed to allow for adequate site access by the truck.

Can I make modifications to the container?

Yes, we have an extensive range of modifications available, or we can assist with custom work. For more information please see our Modifications Page.

How much weight can I put in my container?

Our Specifications Page has information on maximum safe loads.